Commission for Africa launches review of progress

Five years after they called for the world to get behind a “big push” to end poverty in Africa, the Commission for Africa has launched a review of what has happened since and announced the findings of an initial assessment of progress. This initial review demonstrates the progress that has taken place over the past five years – not least in Africa’s rapid economic growth – but also shows that there is much to be done to ensure continued growth and to ensure that the majority of Africans are benefiting from it.

Download the official May 2010 press release.

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One Response to “Commission for Africa launches review of progress”

  1. What tangible results has the commission achieve since its inception. Its report merely gives us the same old benchmarks and claims of spacial and concrete achievements, with no follow-up and no further clarifications of its projects and plans, in the meantime Mr Blair is spearheading yet another AFRICA initiative for governance and Development. I believe that these initiatives can contribute to the defeat of poverty in the continent, but it can only be done successfully with the involvement of the people. Development and Poverty Alleviation cannot be done with a collection of selected leaders of politics and business, they are to a large extent, a part of the problem. Only by giving the ordinary people ownership of the organisation can any difference be made in the fight against poverty and its concomitant effects.

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